email: kashia@nakashiadunner.com | phone: available on request


who i am.

I like doing a lot of different things, and I am good at them - I firmly believe that you do not have to pick just one thing in life.   I am unapologetically curious, always up for an adventure, and a reflective creative with a bit of sass.  These personality traits have led me to travel to over a dozen (and still counting!) countries around the world in an effort to learn, grow, and share. After my day job, I primarily focus my energy on blogging, writing, and photography, but also dabble in graphic design and stop-motion film creation.  Regardless the medium, I want to tell the story of different places, people, and cultures. Through my work, I hope to inspire the pursuit of mutual understanding - we have more in common than it seems.



work history + Expertise

I have formally worked as a diplomat, sustainable tourism consultant, Congressional staffer, grant writer, development assistant, event planner, waitress, farmworker advocate, non-profit board member, and tutor.  As a result of these varied experiences I have developed strong writing, analytical, and networking skills that can be applied to a wide range of fields and situations.

I have specialized knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly with respect to their economies, political histories, and social equality.  Additionally, I have an intensive research background in the incorporation of marginalized groups in politics, education and other positions of power; the role of U.S. foreign policy in national politics of developing nations; and the effects of globalization on economies, cultures, and societies in both developed and developing nations.

If you are curious about each position and the work that I did, let me know and I am happy to provide a full resume.



Fluency: English, Spanish. Proficiency: Portuguese. Understanding: French.


International Experience

Argentina. Austria. Brazil. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Dominican Republic. England. France. Mexico. Panama. Peru. Puerto Rico. Turkey. Uruguay. Venezuela.                                                                 .


other skills

I am a Certified Spinning® instructor, fitness enthusiast. and advocate for healthy and balanced lifestyles.  I have the ability to create imaginative, yet polished final products using Prezi, SlideShare, Microsoft Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite.  I am an experienced public speaker but I hate podiums. Like a ninja, I move with ease from Macs to PCs.  If you're not learning you're dead - I am always on the pursuit to learn something new; I am a self-taught graphic designer, photographer, and videographer.  I also bring homemade baked goods to work.



The George Washington University, Washington, DC. M.A, Latin American and Hemispheric Studies.                            College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.  B.A. Political Science.  B.A. Latin American and Caribbean Studies.            Universidad de Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile.  Intensive Spanish Language Study and Thesis Research.