I love Day of Year tables because I love precision, some would call me a perfectionist.  This type of calendar assigns each day a seven digit number.  The first four digits represent the year and the last three digits represent the day of the year.  Today is 2015001, Happy New Year y'all!

Day of Year calendars force you to be more aware of the passing days.  Each year starts off shiny and new - 001 - and time goes by, one day at a time.  Before you know it, New Years Eve has come - 365 - and you find yourself reflecting on the year that has passed.  This period of reflection leads most to resolve to do something that will make the incoming year better than the last.  Get in shape. Volunteer more. Nurture relationships with family and friends. And so forth.  The problem with resolutions is that soon after the champagne runs dry, decorations are packed away, and normal work days resume, they are forgotten. You slip back into old habits and before you know it, you are back where you started - day 365 - commenting on how quickly the time passed, reflecting on the year passed, and resolving to make the next one better.

Instead of a resolution, I have set five goals for myself to accomplish in 2015.  Goals are different from resolutions because they are something you work towards, versus something you magically start doing.  Goals will challenge you as a person, test your weaknesses, and showcase your strengths.  Accomplishing a goal gives you the energy to set another one, and start all over again.  Goals are like Day of Year calendars. You start at 001 with an idea, you work and time passes, and before you know it you are at 365 reflecting upon the journey.  Then, you do it again.  All of this makes you a better person, which in turn makes the the world a better place. 

2015, lets do this:

  1. Start my own business.  I plan to develop myself into a lucrative brand, all while staying fully clothed, by capitalizing on my intellectual and creative gifts.  Self-employment is my primary goal for 2015 because it will allow me to pursue a life that gives me the freedom to prioritize family, friends, and new adventures all while being creative, independent, and curious.
  2. Travel to Asia. Latin America stole my heart many years ago and I have been fortunate to have countless friends, adventures, and memories throughout the region - after all, I’ve been to all but three countries in South America.  In 2015, I need to discover something new and totally different from anything I have ever known.  Asia has piqued my interest because it is home dozens of countries with diverse cultures, interconnected yet distinct histories, and awe-inspiring natural and urban landscapes .  Did I mention the food looks amazing?  First on the list - Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and UAE. 
  3. Sell a piece of art.  I love photography and have been told for years that I have a good eye.  I want to develop my technical abilities so that I create images that are not only beautiful, but eye catching enough to turn a profit via direct sales or gallery expositions.
  4. Get published.  Most people dream of writing as a career, but I didn't think much about it until recently.  I have blogged for years, but never consistently due to pressures at my day job that leave me tired at the end of the day.  I recently started blogging again via my website to showcase who I am, and realized that I love writing! Given my frequent travel and love of airports, I plan to focus on travel writing in addition to musings about being a driven millennial undergoing transformation.
  5. Run a half marathon. Running is meditative for me, sometimes I have Forest Gump moments.  On long runs I have laughed, cried, and thought about the what-ifs of my life. This year I want to consciously focus this energy and train for a half-marathon.  Why a half instead of a full?  Well, to be honest with you a full marathon just seems miserable, but a half marathon is hard enough to appreciate the journey without regretting the decision to sign up for the race in the first place.  

Cheers everyone, may your 2015 be full of happiness, joy, and discovery.