Life On Vacation.

I am finally back home after two weeks of traveling.  I had a wonderful time with friends and family in three cities, which makes the various timezones and airport food more than worth it.

For me, traveling is an overwhelmingly introspective, almost spiritual experience.  I write. I read. I take photos. I shamelessly daydream.  On this vacation, I found myself asking on a daily basis: "Why do we wait for annual vacations to enjoy ourselves and/or appreciate simple pleasures?  Why do we only give ourselves 1-2 weeks each year to be daring, imaginative, and spontaneous?"

Vacation time should be all the time - not because I despise working, but instead because I want to enjoy my life.  When I am old and hopefully still with it, I want to look back and reflect on experiences, people, and places not meetings, phone calls, and deals.  Don't get me wrong, I am driven and a very hard worker.  However, I refuse to let career ambitions overshadow other things that are equally important (to me) in the pursuit of a balanced, fulfilling life.

During my transatlantic flight home, I made a simple list of things that will make my everyday life a bit more like a vacation.  Some of those things - making time daily to dive into my hobbies (photography and writing) in a meaningful way; starting the day by reading my favorite blogs while sipping warm tea (made in a teapot, not from satchels!) in fuzzy socks; and finding more time to speak with my mom despite the time difference - she grounds and energizes me.

So that is how I plan to make vacation a daily ritual of positive energy, versus a once a year event to be longed for until it happens and mourned once its over.  Come on vacation with me.