See the world, like a child.

I usually refrain from publicly commenting on things like this, but this image from my Twitter feed shook me this morning.  This tiny, white, blood-stained Mary Jane belongs to a child that was either injured or killed in the Peshwar School Attack on December 16, 2014.

It is no secret that I love children - especially the wee ones. I love watching them learn new things, figure out solutions to problems, and get excited about simple things that we as adults barely notice. I love that children are not shy, they will talk to anyone about anything and often ask adults tough questions without even realizing it, consequently holding us accountable for our actions.    

When I see the little red shoe that was once white, all I can think is that this child woke up and embarked on an ordinary day that suddenly became horrifically extraordinary.  I wonder what hopes and dreams their parents had for them. I am curious to know if they were reserved or erred on the side of sassy. So many questions, and not a single answer as to why this kid was harmed while trying to grow and learn.

We often spend a lot of time complaining about the mundane, all the while tuning out to the fact that many people in the world do not have that luxury.  Today I will make a conscious effort to be curious, aware, and open-minded in honor of the children and teachers affected by this tragedy.